You may have noticed a growing posse of early risers clamoring into our studio in the wee hours of the morning while the rest of the world stays dark and asleep. Armed with no more than a mat and a towel, they emerge an hour or two later into the daylight, bright-eyed and ready to embrace the day. Perhaps you've seen them and even thought...I want what they're having! Well, we want you to have what they're having too!


What is Mysore

Mysore at Flow is led by the beloved Jen Rene and her teaching team of assitants. Offered six days a week (no practice on Saturdays or the full and new moon), Mysore is a self-practice where you move through the Ashtanga series of poses as they were sequenced by Sri K Pattabhi Jois in India in the 1930s.  The class is not led as a whole, instead, students are given personalized one- on - one instruction according to their ability. It is appropriate for all levels and all abilities - because it is taught directly to you in the tradition of parampara (succession of teachers and students).
The class structure is "open", meaning that you can have a flexible start time! Enter the studio when you like and leave when your practice is complete within the scheduled time. Weekday hours we open 6:15am - 9am and on Sundays 8am-10am. 
Beginners to Ashtanga Mysore should allow 45 minutes for their practice. After time, your teacher adds more poses to your sequence extending the duration of your practice. You do not have to memorize the primary series to take the class and we ask that you do not come to class with sequence in hand. Instead, try your best to familiarize yourself with it in your mind and we'll help you memorize it in your body. This is all part of the tradition and practice! Like so many other things, it gets easier with practice - so what are you waiting for? Contact Jen to get started.

How to join & intro special

If you are interested in checking out Mysore at Flow we suggest our Two Weeks for $60 Intro Special.  To officially apply for the Intro Special, we ask that you fill out the form below.  Someone will get back to you within 48 hours with next steps.   

Program Rates

Mysore is an open-level class designed for everybody.  Most Mysore students practice daily, and we ask students to commit to coming at least 3x/week.   

 Monthly = $170.00
 Annual = $1740.00 -(includes all      Flow classes)


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